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Find out what our satisfied customers and suppliers say about their experience with Somexport. 

Thank you to SOMEXPORT. Thanks to our partnership, we were able to start our business with quality products, highly appreciated by our customers. With your reactivity and listening skills, you know how to meet our expectations, thus offering us a partnership of quality and trust.

Les Délices Frozen

We have been collaborating with Somexport for five years and despite the distance between our two structures, we are based in Chile, we can only salute the work and efficiency of its employees. The ability to meet international challenges is due to Somexport's excellent knowledge of current processes and standards, whether in France or abroad. We value its ability to be alert and respond effectively to emergencies on the ground. Simply Bravo and long live Somexport

La Racletita

Somexport is a collaboration that has lasted for many years. Much more than just a supplier, it is now a real partner with whom we have built a relationship of trust made of mutual success. The teams demonstrate real professionalism and commitment while offering us a high-quality tailor-made service in line with the many requirements and constraints related to export. We are grateful for the work accomplished and are pleased to count Somexport among our preferred suppliers.


Customer testimonials

Livradois-Somexport’s long-standing relationships are constructive, far-sighted, serene and sustainable.

All this thanks to the human relations of the teams and managers of our two companies Agro-Food.


Exporting products to Africa or overseas territories isn't easy and requires a lot of time and expertise. This is precisely what I found at SOMEXPORT: competence, responsiveness, technical and commercial expertise. Outsourcing my business to them in this area has made me very satisfied. SOMEXPORT guarantees the payment and has substantial credit insurance, which is another point worth noting.


As a long-standing partner, Somexport plays a major role in our international development, particularly in the overseas territories and West Africa.

Collaborating with both commercial and operational teams, who prioritize availability, responsiveness, and complete mastery of the subject, is always a pleasure.


I have the pleasure of exchanging quite often with Mrs Samia who sends me the orders. She is always very professional, precise and very cordial. A «solar» partner with whom it is very nice and productive to collaborate. I also had the pleasure of meeting Miss Olivia at international fairs and I could appreciate her kindness, dynamism and strong interest in high quality products.


Testimoniaux fournisseurs

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