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A wide selection of quality products, ranging from dry to frozen, including fresh produce and drinks. 

Our complete range offers a diverse range that will not only meet your specific needs, but also offer you a tailor-made sourcing experience. 

Whether you're looking for options for retail, self-service or foodservice formats, trust our expertise to find solutions that meet your expectations. 

Fresh products

Offer your customers a selection of dairy, cold meats and sweet products. Discover a catalog of fresh products rigorously selected to guarantee optimal quality and a wide choice of products adapted to your needs and markets.

Some products in our catalog are available both in mass distribution format and in out-of-home catering (RHF).

Frozen products

Explore an assortment of frozen products, available both in mass distribution and in out-of-home catering (RHF).

Featuring delicious ready meals, irresistible sweet items such as frozen desserts and pastries, premium meat and seafood options, as well as carefully chosen fruits and vegetables.

Dry Products

Discover our vegetables, fruits, fish, jams and honey, guaranteeing freshness and authentic flavors. Our culinary aids include quality spices and cut fruits.

Add to that a wide choice of biscuits and sweets.


Available in retail and RHF, our range satisfies cooking enthusiasts and professionals. 


A catalog dedicated to drinks, find a selection of fine wines and spirits, as well as a wide range of drinks, including coffee, juices, waters and options for children.

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